H1 1877



Time for a very special watch. Handmade, individual and most exquisite.

Luxury watches can be bought all over the world, but who wouldn´t want to wear a watch that is unique and was made exclusively for him or her? If you consider the acquisition of a premium watch it is surely something special and not a mass produced article that you anticipate.

The unique pieces or limited series that come from our manufactory are elaborately made by hand and on order of our customers. Every single watch of our collection can be individualized. Different hands, straps, engravings or dials – this is how your own personal watch evolves – so you can be sure not to find it on every other wrist.

A HENTSCHEL watch doesn´t show its exclusivity and value in a flamboyant and in-your-face way. Our watches are rather the epitome of classic elegance and hanseatic understatement – values that are highly appreciatet by our customers.


A subtle distinction

In these times where most of the well-known watch brands are part of multinational corporate groups that produce their luxury goods on an industrial level, the decision for a bespoke watch is a strong statement. Handmade and not just off the shelf as an expression of taste and personality. The HENTSCHEL HAMBURG watch manufactory is a free and independent family business. We don´t consider us a “watch brand” but a handicraft enterprise that has a close and personal contact with its customers.

A HENTSCHEL watch is a companion for a lifetime and has our personal quality assurance – a lifelong guarantee. This is unheard of in the watch trade and sets a new standard in certitude and service.

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