H1 1877



Time for a very special watch. Handmade, individual and most exquisite.

Dear visitor, welcome and thank you for your interest in our handcrafted fine wristwatches. I am happy that you have found us, sharing the passion for horology.

For 30 years we are manufacturing fine mechanical timepieces in our Hamburg workshop. Our watches are defined by their subtle elegance and refined aesthetics, virtues that are appreciated by our customers worldwide.

Our goal is to make a truly personal and valuable relationship with our clients a reality. Our approach to traditional watchmaking and our substantial vertical integration automatically results in low quantities so that our customers can be sure about the exclusivity of our watches.

You may ask yourself why you did not find us before, based on your long term interest in fine watchmaking. For decades we have been an insider tip and we evolved mainly on the basis of word-of-mouth recommendations. We have never put emphasis on promoting ourselves, our energy went into our timepieces.

We consider this comfortable situation a real benefit, relying on our service oriented direct sales strategy. We know each of our customers personally, and we cherish those relationships.


Good is never good enough

This motto has made me improve our timepieces consistently and without compromise. Today, all our fine timepieces consist of our own components, designed and built inhouse or exclusively for us in Germany.

Two inhouse calibres, our own balance spring, handcrafted hands and dials... these are only a few examples for our vertical integration and capabilities. All our designs are following our approach to perfection, you can see and feel that in every part of every timepiece.

Independence is a rare quality these days. For us it is the basis of everything we do, it allows us to concentrate all our efforts on our watches and our clients. This dedication warrants that we grow slowly and only with partners that share our philosophy and values.

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