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Manufactury movement HUW 1130 Premium

Our inhouse caliber HUW 1130 Premium with its curved bridges is reminiscent of the early 20th. century pocket watch movements and their artistic beauty. Although the bridges may look like their vintage predecessors they are much stiffer and provide great accuracy. All the surfaces are hand finished which does not only look beautiful but adds to the overall precision.

Our focus was especially on reducing the friction within the wheel train. The longevity of the wheels and the escapement could be increased even more by this. Our second manufactory movement HUW 1130 Premium sets a new technical standard and combines ruggedness and precision.

The Premium-version is reserved for HENTSCHEL watches in chronometer quality. The distinct screwed gold Chatons offer the most laborious but technically best solution for bearing the wheels pivots.  For a exceedingly precise regulation a swans neck regulator is provided. Only the best movements in watch history were equipped with a sophisticated configuration like this.

Technical data manufactury movement HUW 1130 Premium


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