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Manufactury movement WERK 1

The HENTSCHEL HAMBURG manually wound „WERK 1“ is the pinnacle of all the HENTSCHEL-movements. It is a complete inhouse development and manufactured by hand.

„WERK 1“ will remain a rare sight: The production capacity for this fine mechanical jewel is naturally very limited. Every movement is build on order in our Hamburg manufactory and adorned with handcut individual engravings.

„Werk1“ is reserved for the manufactories premium collection: H1 1877.

Technical data manufactury movement „WERK 1“

  • Manually wound with small seconds indication at six o´clock
  • Swans neck regulator for precise regulation of the movement
  • Handcut engravings on balance cock
  • Standard ring balance, screw balance is optional
  • Shock resistant escapement
  • Four screwed gold Chatons
  • Hamburg ¾ plate
  • Glashütte stop work
  • Thermally blued screws
  • Dual sunburst pattern on crown and ratchet wheel
  • Polished tip teeth on crown and ratchet wheel
  • Geneva stripes on wheel train and mainspring barrel bridge
  • Perlage on main plate
  • Diameter approx. 31 mm
  • Height approx. 4,3 mm
  • Powerreserve approx. 37 hours
  • HENTSCHEL F.L.S. –Technology (long term moisture guard technology)


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